BioDot has been a part of biochip production since the DNA microarray was first developed in the late 1990s.

Although scientists continue to use versions of these early arrays, early contact pin spotters have been replaced with precision non-contact printing systems that integrate high-speed motion and real-time vision correction.

Typical Biochip Applications Include :

  • Array CGH/Whole Genome Arrays
  • Gene Expression Arrays
  • Protein/Antibody Arrays
  • Carbohydrate (Glycan) Arrays
  • Polymer-Based Arrays
  • Custom Arrays for Diagnostic and Medical Device Applications

BioDot offers the printing technologies and automation required to print more diverse content to substrates that include glass, membrane, micro-well plates, silicon and more.

Cells, protein, DNA, and polymers can be printed in highly complex patterns at high speed by BioJet Elite and BioJet Ultra, our core non-contact dispensing technologies. Individual control of each channel allows you to dispense various reagents, even reagents with variable viscosities and physical properties, in a single run.

BioDot and our AD Series systems give you the precision needed for reliable results, the flexibility needed to manage a complex set of reagents, and the automation needed for high-speed performance.

Biochip production equipment

AD1520™ Aspirate/Dispense Platform

January 30, 2017

BioDot AD3200

AD3220™ Aspirate/Dispense Platform

January 30, 2017

AD3420™ Aspirate/Dispense Platform

January 30, 2017

AD6020™ Aspirate/Dispense Platform

January 30, 2017