BioDot’s Equipment for Biosensor Manufacturing

Biosensors usually yield a digital electronic signal which is proportional to the concentration of a specific analyte or group of analytes. The biosensor is associated with a reader system that applies the sample and reads the signal output.

The range of markets for biosensor manufacturing reach hundreds of millions of devices each year. These markets require large scale manufacturing equipment for fabricating electrode patterns, dispensing reagents onto the electrode positions, as well as singulating and packaging the finished test strips.

BioDot supplies equipment from R&D to high volume production using different manufacturing strategies, including:

Dispensing— Non-Contact, High Speed, Quantitative

We provide dispensing heads with up to eight channels via the BioJet or other appropriate dispensing technology, which can be adjusted to the same pitch as the electrode patterns on the carrier sheet. These dispensers place reagent drops accurately onto each test electrode. Typical dispense speeds can produce 200 sensors in 15 seconds, with dispense CVs in the range of +/- 5%.


The dryer is a conveyor system enclosed in a convection dryer tunnel. Dried sheets are inspected with bad part marking and transferred to the Slitting machine.


This machine slits the sensor sheet into strips of sensors and places them into a magazine system that feeds the bottling system.


This system takes the magazine from the slitting machine and feeds sensor strips to a guillotine cutter that loads the individual sensors into a bottle.


BioDot provides two different dispensing platforms for handling the biosensor sheets to the dispensing module, magazine-fed sheets with a pick and place and manual placement:

  1. High Volume Biosensor Sheet Manufacturing System with a stacker station, dispense station and an offload station to the drying tunnel
  2. The GlucoDot, a stand-alone module where the operator loads and unloads the sensor sheets from the machine to a dry tunnel.

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