Development & Manufacturing Equipment

Biosensors are at the cutting-edge of diagnostics and analytical technology with applications in human and animal health, environmental monitoring, food safety and pharmaceutical development. As researchers and developers continue to push the boundaries for what can be measured and achieved with biosensors, they require equipment capable of developing and producing them with high precision at high speeds.

BioDot’s low volume precision dispensers provide the scalability, speed and accuracy that is necessary to make biosensors feasible, both economically and functionally. BioDot dispensers can distribute very small amounts of reagent – down to picoliter volumes – onto electrodes at high speeds.

Some examples of biosensors that require low volume precision dispensing include:

  • Bioelectronics
  • DNA chips, nucleic acid sensors and aptasensors
  • Enzyme-based biosensors
  • Immunosensors
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Mobile diagnostics and personal health
  • Nanobiosensors, nanomaterials and nanoanalytical systems
  • Natural and synthetic receptors (including MIPs)
  • Organism- and whole cell-based biosensors
  • Printed biosensors and microfabrication
  • Theranostics and implantable sensors

Dispensing Technologies

BioDot supplies precision low volume dispensing systems that are scalable from development, to production and to high-volume production.  Multiple dispensing technologies and motion platforms are available to meet your needs. Some of these technologies are…

Rainmaker Dispenser from Biodot

Rainmaker™ is a precision non-contact piezoelectric low volume dispensing technology. This proprietary design allows users to dispense small volumes, from 25 pL, onto biosensors with the dispense CVs in the range of <3%.

Ultra Piezoelectric Dispenser from BioDot

BioDot’s Ultra technology offers a true non-contact picoliter liquid handling and spotting solution with Drop-On-Demand capability.

The dispense platform can produce a single dynamic drop volume range of 100 pL to 1.0 nl, with CVs typically less than 5%.

BioJet Dispenser from BioDot

BioDot’s proprietary, quantitative, non-contact technology couples the BioJet Drop-on-Demand valve with a high-resolution syringe pump.

The BioJet meters precise amounts of reagent, incorporating the benefits of non-contact dispensing and the ability to program exact drop volumes.

Motion Platforms

BioDot’s low volume dispensers are available on several platforms that provide the flexibility needed in research and development, as well as the robustness and speed required for production.  Some of these platforms are…

GlucoDot System

The GlucoDot system is specifically designed for biosensor R&D and manufacturing. The system’s On-the-Fly dispensing provides high throughput printing of sheets, while the innovative vacuum nest reduces loading time. Individually adjustable dispense heads and vacuum positions support multiple sheet configurations.


The Omnia is a precision motion system that is customized to meet the specific needs of biosensor developers. Up to four printing channels offer quantitative, non-contact, dispensing from picoliter to microliter volumes. Dispensing can be done in Step & Repeat, On-the-Fly Single Tip or On-the-Fly Multi Tip modes. 

Biosensor manufacturing

BioDot’s Biosensor Manufacturing systems are designed for high throughput manufacturing.  BioDot’s dispensing technologies used in development and lower volume production are directly transferred

Each system utilizes BioDot’s precision XYZ motion systems and dispensing technologies and incorporates custom-built elements like sheet stackers, pick and place part handling and drying tunnels.  

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