COVID-19 Rapid Test Manufacturing

By March 19, 2020 News
BioDot supports customers in manufacturing of rapid Covid-19 tests

The COVID-19 virus highlights the urgent need for a rapid, easy to use, Point-of-Care (bedside) test to quickly identify infected patients and help prevent virus transmission.   The lateral flow test format is a low-cost, easy to use test that does not need expensive specialist lab equipment or highly trained personnel.   Lateral flow tests require no refrigeration so they can be used in any location and give a simple yes or no answer.

For of 25 years BioDot has worked with developers and manufacturers of lateral flow devices used for pregnancy and fertility testing, drugs of abuse testing, food safety testing, environment testing, infectious disease testing and more.  We are committed to helping our global customers as they help to fight the global crisis.

If any customers need additional information or manufacturing capacity to meet demand, please contact us.

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Lateral Flow

Solutions for the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

BioDot is an essential business partner in the fight against Coronavirus disease. We are supplying manufactures around the world with equipment for patient testing for COVID-19.

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