(Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization)

The CellWriter™ Workstation from BioDot delivers precision and consistency while increasing the throughput possible in individual labs.

Our patented FISHArray™ technology allows multiple cytogenetic assays to be performed on a single slide, making the genetic information we seek much easier to obtain.

Say Goodbye to Rubber Cement

Our CellWriter Slide™ works without applying rubber cement cover slips to slides before the hybridization process. BioDot’s CellWriter and our FISHArray technology allow technicians to focus their time on the more technically challenging aspects of the workflow.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated Cell Dropping & Normalization
  • Automated Probe/DAPI Dispensing
  • Integrated Hybridization
  • Improve Metaphase Spread Quality
  • Perform Up To Eight Assays Per Slide
  • Lower Reagent Costs
  • No More Rubber Cement


CellWriter leverages BioDot’s nanoliter dispensing technology to miniaturize the FISH assay, allowing up to eight individual assays on a single slide – dramatically reducing the number of slides that need to be processed and analyzed.


CellWriter automatically normalizes cell concentration, drops cells to slides for FISH or G-banding, dispenses probe and DAPI counterstain, and performs hybridization.


Samples, probes, lot information, hybridization statistics and more can be assigned to a barcode on the slide and easily accessed at any point in the workflow.

– For Research Use Only –

Perform four times as many assays four times faster — every day.

CellWriter™ 240

January 30, 2017

CellWriter™ 480

January 30, 2017

CellWriter™ 960

January 30, 2017