Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Integration

Today’s cytogenetics lab is incredibly dynamic.

Tracking and monitoring samples, probes, stains, protocols, and the resultant data requires an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and cost. Technicians at the bench are responsible for a daunting series of checks and rechecks, as well as reacting and reporting back to their Laboratory Information System (LIS).

This creates a “digital to analog gap,” where the ‘analog’ technician is tasked with receiving instructions from LIS, performing those instructions, and then reporting back to the system. This gap can make LIS integration complex and slow.

BioDot has closed this gap with Phaselink, our powerful data management system. The Phaselink software interface delivers unique and extensive improvements to laboratory efficiency, workflow, and quality.

BioDot’s CellWriter™ compounds these improvements with a streamlined workflow by automating slide dropping, probe/DAPI dispense, and hybridization.

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Now, LIS passes instructions to Phaselink and provides real-time updates so that all requests (and last-minute changes) can be captured, acted upon, and reported back to LIS.

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Our data management automation can simplify your lab work in the following ways:

  • Track and Report Probe Name, Lot Number, & Expiration Date
  • Track and Report Denature & Hybridization Data
  • Link Operator ID to Each Assay
  • Samples continuously pass in and out of the workflow
  • Probes and stains are ordered, added, or cancelled
  • Real-time/Digital Reaction to Probe Assignment Changes
  • Eliminate Hand-Written Slide Labeling
  • Automate Tube and Slide Barcode Matching
  • Multiple protocol steps (washing, hybridization, etc…) are preformed that impact the result.

Much of this data is simply not available to the technician or management through manual laboratory systems. Phaselink enables quality management and assessment, transforms laboratory efficiency, and improves healthcare.

Phaselink without LIS

For labs who have not yet implemented LIS in their laboratory, Phaselink provides a manual input option with PDF formatted reporting. With our manual interface option, Phaselink brings LIS level data management to the FISH lab without requiring expensive and time-consuming software integrations.

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CellWriter performs four times the assays, four times faster — every day!

We can provide you with a detailed analysis that quantifies the economic impact of CellWriter & Phaselink.

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