BioDot and ADS Biotec Partner to Market the CellWriter Workstation in Europe

Irvine, CA – BioDot, Inc. and ADS Biotec (formerly the Cytogenetics Division of Transgenomic) announce today that ADS Biotec will have exclusive rights to market and distribute BioDot’s CellWriter products in Europe and Russia.  CellWriter is a transformative platform technology which miniaturizes the traditional FISH assay and automates the critical steps in the FISH and cytogenetics workflows. ADS Biotec is a leader in delivering high level automated solutions such as the Hanabi harvesting system to the global cytogenetics community.

“Partnering with ADS Biotec makes a lot of strategic sense,” said Tom Tisone, President of BioDot. “They have a well-known history in automating the harvesting process and CellWriter dovetails very well with their offering.” Tisone continued, “ADS Biotec is ideally positioned to capitalize on the excitement we’ve generated in the US, and we look forward to helping them bring CellWriter to the European market.”

Beyond the marketing relationship that has been defined by the new agreement, both companies see a broader opportunity to collaborate on next generation automation that will bring new capabilities to the lab. “As our FISH and Karyotyping customers look to drive down costs, ADS Biotec and BioDot can now work together to improve lab economics through novel instrumentation,” said Vijay Dube, President and CEO of ADS Biotec. “Whether we’re talking about new hardware solutions or innovative marketing initiatives, an open dialog between the two companies can leverage of our respective strengths to evolve ideas that will continue to shape the cytogenetic landscape.”

About BioDot
BioDot is the leading supplier of system tools for the research, development, and commercialization of diagnostic tests. Our mission is to enable, inspire and educate scientists to commercialize their R&D ideas through to manufactured product. Using our core competencies in low volume non-contact dispensing, BioDot has developed the FISHArray™ technology and CellWriter™ workstation to streamline the cytogenetics workflow and deliver high throughput automation to the global cytogenetics industry.

About ADS Biotec

ADS Biotec is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of automated instruments and consumables for use in cytogenetic, pathology and research laboratories. Our flagship HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters and Spreaders designed for cytogenetic laboratories provide increased productivity and throughput with the consistent quality. ADS Biotec has a global presence with development, sales, and support operations on three continents, and users in over 30 Countries. We are recognized by our customers for our advanced instrumentation, superior customer service, scientific application support, and a very knowledgeable sales force.

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