Phaselink™ Software Interface

Transforming Data Management for Cytogenetics

The information flow in today’s Cytogenetics laboratory is extremely fluid: probes are requested, removed, or changed constantly as new sets of samples are processed daily.

Phaselink has been designed to manage this data flow, capture critical data that impacts quality, and report information in real-time (to technicians in the wetlab or behind the microscope).

By combining CellWriter automation with powerful information management software, BioDot finally delivers the ultimate goal of LIS implementation — The Digital Wetlab.

Product Description

Delivering the Digital FISH Lab

If you want to know what has been done to the slide, stop looking through folders or complicated notes on the frosted end the slide… simply scan the barcode.

The Interface

Phaselink provides an easy-to-use software interface for operating the CellWriter Workstation, making changes to experiments, and accessing slide data.


For labs who have not yet implemented LIS in their laboratory, Phaselink provides a manual input option with PDF formatted reporting. With our manual interface option, Phaselink brings LIS level data management to the FISH lab without requiring an expensive and time-consuming software integration.

Below outlines how LIS and/or technicians interface with Phaselink:

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Request your own tailored efficiency & savings report.

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