AD2030 Aspirate/Dispense Platform


BioDot’s AD2030 platform is specifically designed to support the high motion accuracy and precision of the BioJet Ultra dispenser. BioDot’s BioJet Ultra™ technology offers a true non-contact picoliter liquid handling and spotting solution with drop-on-demand capability.

Using a single capillary, the dispensing platform can produce a single dynamic drop volume range of 100 pL to 1.0 nl with CV’s typically less than 5%. It is compatible with a wide range of reagent types (e.g. aqueous, organic, cells) and can be optimized to work with high viscosity substances (e.g. 50-70% glycerol/water mixture).

Unlike other traditional piezoelectric dispensers, the BioJet Ultra’s piezoelectric actuator can be decoupled from the capillary, enabling the use of low-cost drop-in replacement capillaries.

Choose Your Dispenser

BioJet HR

BioJet Ultra


Product Features
  • Features BioJet Ultra Dispenser
  • Aspirate and Dispense Capability
  • Overhead Gantry AD System
  • Five-phase motors for extreme Motion Accuracy and Precision
  • Enclosure with Humidity Control
  • Integrated Wash/Vacuum Station
  • Chassis
  • PC Control Workstation with Link2020 Vision Control Software
  • Vertical Camera for Fiducial Finding and Spot Inspection
  • Horizontal Camera for “in-flight” drop size Verification and Optimization
  • ILD5000 In-Line Degasser
Nest Options
  • Vacuum/Magnetic
  • MTP
  • Slide
  • Custom Option – User defined Nest
Typical Applications
Dimensions (L x D x H)

121.9 x 96.5 x 174.3 cm

Dispense Area (L x D)

165  x 265 mm


318 kg (700 lbs)

Power Requirement

120/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz, 7/3A, grounded

Vacuum Requirement

Vacuum Wash Station: -20 in Hg

Air Source (for optional dispensers or pneumatic accessories)