AD3420™ Aspirate/Dispense Platform


The AD3420 overhead gantry dispensing system offers superior positional accuracy and speed and a large dispensing area. This workstation is designed for high speed aspirating and dispensing applications to glass slides, microtiter plates, membranes or any custom surface.

Up to 16 dispensers can be integrated on the system and 4 nest options are available.

Choose Your Dispenser



Product Features
  • Overhead Gantry XYZ System (600 x 300 mm motion envelope)
  • Enclosure with Humidity Control
  • Chassis
  • PC Control Workstation with AxSys Software
  • Aspirate and Dispense Capability
  • Integrated Wash/Vacuum Station
  • ILD5000 In-Line Degasser
  • Optional Manual Pull Out Nest Base
  • Optional Automated Shuttle Nest
  • Optional Anti-Static Ionizer with Feedback Sensor
  • Optional Vision System
Nest Options
  • Vacuum/Magnetic Hold Down
  • 10 Position MTP
  • 50 Position Glass Slide
  • Custom Option – User Defined Nest
Typical Applications
Dimensions (L x W x H)

1473 x 965 x 1473 mm (58 x 38 x 60 in)

Dispense Area (W x D)

470 x 275mm


400 kg

Power Requirement

110/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Vacuum Requirement

Vacuum Wash Station: 59.4 L/min (2.1 f3/min)