AirJet™ Nanoliter Aerosol Dispenser


BioDot’s AirJet technology uses pressurized air to atomize fluid passing through the dispensing nozzle for non-contact, quantitative aerosol dispensing. This creates a quantitative spray format, in which a dot or line can be quantitatively generated on a continuous basis.

BioDot’s proprietary technology couples the dispensing nozzle with a high resolution syringe pump to meter exact amounts of reagents. This process produces a precise and easy to use method for dispensing microliter quantities of fluids.

Product Features
  • Precision quantitative line and dot dispensing
  • Programmable volumes
  • Batch and In-line manufacturing
  • Adjustable Dispense Morphology
Product Performance

Dispense Volumes: 0.1 µL – 24 µL/cm consisting of multiple droplets (table speed and reagent dependent)

Typical applications

Lateral Flow Tests – conjugate dispensing
Membrane Coating

Available on these Motion Platforms

ZX1010 Series
XYZ3060 Series
XYZ3200 Series
RR120 Series