⁠— Piezoelectric Dispenser for Low Volume Printing


Rainmaker™ is a precision non-contact piezoelectric low volume dispensing technology.  This proprietary design allows users to select  a wide range of volumes as a single drop or a high frequency burst.  Volumes range from low picoliters to nanoliters and are dispensed On-the-Fly or in a step and repeat mode. Rainmaker’s On-the-Fly printing supports multiple tip dispensing to discrete locations for true high speed arraying.

Available on these Motion Platforms

  • Omnia
  • AD6030
  • Custom High Volume Production System
Product Features
Glass Capillary Piezoelectric Dispenser
Non-Contact Printing
High Speed, Multiple Tip On-the-Fly Arraying
On-the-Fly Printing of drop volumes into the nanoliters
Wide Range of Spot Sizes from a Single Tip
Dispense a wide range of reagents including aqueous, organic & living cells
Dispense onto: Slides, Microtiter Plates, Biosensor/Microfluidics Devices, Membranes, Other Substrates
Product Specifications
Volume: 25pL to multiple nL
Volume Precision: typically < 3% CV
Spot Sizes: typically 30 - 900 µm
Number of Channels: 1 - 24 (platform dependent)
Channel Distance: 4.5 mm
Typical Applications
Lateral Flow
Flow Through
DNA, Cell, Protein Dispensing
Multiplex ELISAs
Biochips, Lab-on-a-Chip
Low Volume PCR
Custom Applications

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