XYZ3060 Dispense Platform


The XYZ3060 system is a powerful production tool for rapid test development and manufacturing.

The XYZ3060 is a flexible XYZ motion/dispense system, with a motorized Z-axis and fully programmable motion and dispense parameters. The XYZ3060 is designed for simultaneous dispensing or individually dispensing lines and dots.

Using the 3060 platform, a maximum of 4 µAirJet/AirJet HR, 8 BioJet HR, 8 FrontLine HR, or 8 PolyDrop dispensers can be configured. You choose the the type and number of dispensers on your system to meet your application needs.

Choose Your Dispenser


AirJet HR

FrontLine HR

BioJet HR


Product Features

Precision Dispensing
  • Quantitative dispense volumes
  • Optional configurations to have uAirJet, AirJet HR, BioJet HR, FrontLine
  • HR, or PolyDrop dispensers
  • Menu driven operating software
  • Vacuum/Magnetic Nest
  • Small design that can accommodate R&D and manufacturing needs
Multi-Mode Dispensing
  • Line dispensing
  • Dot dispensing
Typical Applications

Technical Specifications


43 x 36 x 40 cm

Dispense Area

49.5 x 7.5 cm


25 kg

Power Requirements

110/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Vacuum Requirement for Nest

60 L/min (2.1 CFM)