CellWriter™ 960

BioDot’s CellWriter 960 is a high throughput robotic workstation that processes 96 slides per batch for both Karyotyping, FISH and FFPE. By integrating BioDot’s nanoliter dispenser (BioJet™) with temperature and humidity control, the CellWriter 960 simplifies and automates the dropping process to efficiently deliver quality spread interphase and metaphase nuclei for analysis.

  • 4 BioJet Dispensing Channels
  • Up to 96 Slide Processing Capacity
  • Up to 96 Sample Processing Capacity
  • Up to 48 Probe / DAPI Vials per Batch
  • Automated Sample Normalization
  • Improves Metaphase Spread Quality
  • Real-Time Probe Inventory Management
  • Automated Probe Dispensing
  • Significantly Reduce Probe / Assay Cost
  • Automated DAPI Dispensing
  • Eliminates the Need for Rubber Cement to Hybridize
  • Automated Coverslipping

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

FISHArray™ Slides

Enable multiplexed FISH assays and eliminate the need for rubber cement when preparing for hybridization.

FISHArray™ Slides