Solid/Powder Transfer

Transferring solid state materials has been an automation challenge for years, especially for experiments with properties that require samples in the microgram range. BioDot’s DisPo™ powder dispensing technology provides the ideal solution to these challenges.

DisPo is ideal for compound management tasks, sampling directly from source vials, and creating assay samples for studies in the solid state.

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The DisPo Powder Dispensing System is capable of transferring between 100 micrograms and 20 milligrams of powder per transfer. The system can sample from vials, microwell plates, tubes, and other custom sources. Individual discrete masses are transferred by a combination of sample probes; each probe is capable of a set range of mass.

The minimum required mass of powder for sampling is five milligrams. Although powder dependent, typical dispense precision is ~10% CV for a wide range of powder types. Cycle time for dispensing is ~30 sec/dispense.

DisPo does not rely on vibratory feeding and is not prone to segregation and biased sampling. As a result, the DisPo is ideally suited for heterogeneous sample mixture applications.

DisPo™ Microgram to Milligram Powder Dispenser

January 31, 2017