Miniaturization Applications

BioDot manufactures automated platforms for ultra-low-volume (microliter, nanoliter and picoliter) non-contact liquid dispensing in R&D and commercial manufacturing applications across diagnostics, cytogenetics and life sciences.

  • Up to 4 Channels
  • Picoliter to Microliter Volumes (see options)
  • Aspirate/Dispense and Direct Dispense
  • Motorized X, Y, Z Axes
  • Dispense area of 365 x 250 mm
  • Dispense onto Slides, Plates or Membranes
  • Includes choice of nest (see options)
  • Integrated Wash/Vacuum Station
  • Vision LITE camera system for positioning
  • ILD5000 In-Line Degasser
  • PC Control Workstation with LINK2020 Software
  • R&D and Production Throughput
  • Picoliter & Nanoliter Dispensing​
  • Intuitive Software​
  • Horizontal & Vertical Cameras​
  • Configurable Worktable​
  • Ultrasonic Wash Station​
  • Scalable, Field Upgradeable Dispensing Channels

*Dispense Volumes are Dispenser Technology Dependent

  • Biosensor / Biochip
  • Microarray
  • DNA, Cell, Protein Dispensing
  • Multiplex ELISA's
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Low Volume PCR
  • Custom Applications
  • Lateral Flow
  • Microfluidics​
  • Flow through​
  • Mass spectrometry​
  • 3D cell printing​
  • Synthetic Biology​
  • Single cell dispensing​
  • Direct Titration/IC 50​
  • Drug Discovery​
  • Drug Delivery​
  • Plate array/microarray

pL to nL Dispensing Technologies

nL to μL Dispensing Technologies

Nest Options

  • 6 or 8 Microwell Plate (dispensing technology dependent)
  • 27 or 36 Slides (dispensing technology dependent)
  • Vac/Mag
  • Flat Datum
  • Custom
  • Service and Support Packages

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A trusted partner to more than 2,000 manufacturers and research organizations, BioDot supports customers from R&D to high-volume commercial production.

Traditional Liquid Handling

2µL - 20µL
Traditional Liquid Handling

BioJet Technology

BioJet Technology

Rainmaker Technology

Rainmaker Technology

As the leader in nanoliters, BioDot enables customers to do more with less. Since 1994, its patented technologies, combined with a total supply chain approach, have made BioDot a trusted partner to more than 2,000 manufacturers and research organizations worldwide. Using its intellectual property, the company has helped customers solve thousands of unique dispensing challenges, and it strategically manages upstream and downstream supply chain partnerships to ensure platforms support the highest quality, continuous operations across R&D and high-throughput manufacturing.

Customer Testimonials

"The genetics lab experience has been greatly improved by this user-friendly instrument. Its simplicity in interface and operation streamlines tedious manual processes, enabling technologists to focus more on specialized tasks like microscopy, tissue culture, and FISH analysis. Overall, it's been a rewarding encounter."

Ryan O’Mara

Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, and Referral Testing Services

Laboratory Manager at UNC Health

"The BioDot Lateral Flow workshop on May 30, 2023, was an enriching experience with its relevant, engaging content. The diverse speakers offered an abundance of knowledge, presenting information pragmatically, making the interactive session invaluable."

Albert Ramon


Senior Applications Specialist

"The workshop was a transformative journey for me. Its insightful lectures and meaningful connections resonated deeply. Eagerly, I anticipate its next iteration, ready to engage in the dynamic exchange of ideas and further enhance my knowledge."

Clara Saweres

University of Oviedo

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BioDot enables non-contact fluid dispensing in microliter, nanoliter and picoliter volumes at the highest possible speeds – with accuracy and reliability.