Low Volume Dispensing
Solutions for Your

BioDot provides non-contact, quantitative fluid
dispensing systems for the diagnostic, life science,
industrial and medical product markets. Our industry-leading
dispensing system can be customized to meet
your application need.


Celebrating 25 Years of Service

BioDot provides dispensing automation and manufacturing solutions to the world’s largest diagnostic companies.

Our wide range of equipment platforms serve our customers from R&D through high volume manufacturing. More than 5,000 BioDot systems have been installed worldwide since 1994, producing billions of diagnostic devices per year.

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Rapid Tests


Life Science


Multiple Dispensing Options Available

BioDot’s proprietary technologies are designed for highly accurate dispensing of low volumes of fluids (picoliter to microliter). Lines and dots, high throughput applications, aspirate/dispense, bulk dispensing, non-contact dispensing, On-the-Fly dispensing, aerosol dispensing, contact/near contact dispensing, our experts will help you choose the dispenser(s) and motion platform that meets your application needs.

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