BioDot’s PolyJet dispenses oils, adhesives and reagents with particles and other viscous fluids. PolyJet technology feeds liquid to a constant volume cavity, followed by pneumatic actuation of a diaphragm that ejects a drop through an orifice.

  • Drop Volumes: > 25 nL
  • Drop Sizes: > 300 μm
  • Pneumatic Diaphragm Technology
  • Quantitative Dispensing of High Viscosity Fluids
  • Viscosity up to 1,000 cp
  • Viscosity up to 50,000 cp with Heating
  • Non-Contact Printing
  • Easy-to-Use Technology
  • Scalable from R&D to Production Environments

*Typical Application Ranges. System, Reagent, Materials and Speed Dependent.

  • Biosensors
  • Reagents with particles
  • Custom applications
  • Heating