BioDot’s AirJet uses pressurized air to atomize fluid passing through the dispensing nozzle to create a non-contact, quantitative aerosol spray that can generate a dot or line. This proprietary technology couples the dispensing nozzle with a high-resolution syringe pump to dispense quantitative volumes.

  • Line Volumes: 0.1 - 24 μl/cm
  • Line Widths: 0.5 - 10 mm
  • Aerosol and Syringe Pump Technology
  • Adjustable Dispense Morphology
  • Programmable Volumes
  • Non-Contact Printing
  • Bulk Dispensing from Reservoir
  • Scalable from R&D to Production Environments

Available on: ZXLITE, XYZ1010, XYZ3060, XYZ3210, RR120

*Typical Application Ranges. System, Reagent, Materials and Speed Dependent.

Fluid Path Kits

AirJet Coating vs. Dip Coating for Conjugates

Multiple aligned AirJets can be used to dispense simultaneously for coating materials.