The BioDot PolyDrop touch-off dispenser uses a high-resolution syringe pump to dispense a wide variety of reagents at low volumes. PolyDrop technology enables non-contact dispensing as well as near-contact dispensing, where the tip makes light contact with the surface and the droplet is deposited.

  • Drop Volumes: > 25 nL
  • Spot Sizes > 300 μm
  • Luer Tip with Syringe Pump Dispensing
  • Non-Contact and Near-Contact Printing
  • Precision Quantitative Drop Dispensing
  • Easy to Use Technology
  • Scalable from R&D to Production Environments

System Availability

Direct Dispense : XYZ1010, XYZ3060, XYZ3210, RR120, CDS

Aspirate & Dispense: AD1520, Omnia, AD3220, Glucodot, AD6020

*Typical Application Ranges. System, Reagent, Materials and Speed Dependent.

  • Biosensors
  • Microwell Plate Filling
  • Custom Applications
  • Luer Tip ID
  • Custom Head Designs