BioDot’s Ultra piezoelectric technology offers a non-contact picoliter liquid handling and spotting solution with drop-on-demand capability. Each dispensing channel has a dynamic drop volume range of 100 pL to 1.0 nL. Unlike other traditional piezoelectric dispensers, the Ultra’s piezoelectric actuator can be decoupled from the capillary, enabling the use of low-cost drop-in replacement capillaries.

  • Single-Drop Dynamic Range 100 pL to 1.0 nL
  • Change Volume Ranges On-the-Fly
  • CV's Typically Less than 5%
  • Low-Cost Peek Capillary System
  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Reagent Types (including aqueous, organic and cells)
  • High Dynamic Range of Viscosities without Additives (up to 400 cP)
  • Drop size range of 10x for a single Ultra capillary
  • Available on Systems with the BioJet Dispensing Technology

System Availability

Aspirate & Dispense: Omnia, AD6020

*Typical application ranges. System, Reagent, Materials and Speed Dependent.

Nozzle Sizes