Dry Chemistry

BioDot has a complete line of dispensing, laminating, slitting, cutting and bottling equipment used in the production of dry chemistry tests.

Dry Chemistry refers to a diagnostic format where a test pad is bonded to a support structure and impregnated with an analyte that will change color or some other physical property that can easily be seen or measured when exposed to a test sample. One of the most well-known applications of Dry Chemistry technology is urine testing.

Typical Process Includes:

Also known as “Dip Stick,” Dry Chemistry tests take on other formats such as simple pads with impregnated chemistry such as for spore testing or multi-layered devices, such as lateral flow testing.

Typical applications for Dry Chemistry are for medical, agriculture, veterinary, and water testing. The challenge in the Dry Chemistry marketing is that there are many different formats used for a wide range of applications.

By combining our dispensing technologies with independent XYZ systems or Reel to Reel systems, Auto-Laminators, and Cutting/Slitting Systems, BioDot can automate your Dry Chemistry manufacturing process.

CM5000™ Guillotine Cutter

January 30, 2017

Lateral Flow Lamination Equipment

LM9000™ Continuous Laminator

January 30, 2017

RR120™ Web Handling Platform

January 30, 2017

XYZ3060™ Dispense Platform

January 30, 2017

XYZ3210™ Dispense Platform

January 30, 2017

Lateral Flow Test Batch Dispenser

ZX1010™ Dispense Platform

January 30, 2017