Attend the Lateral Flow Workshop, May 2020 Amsterdam


Why you should attend the Lateral Flow Workshop 2020

The BioDot Lateral Flow Workshop is set to return to Amsterdam in 2020 for the biggest ever edition of this key annual event.

Delegates from across the world will attend the three-day workshop in May to learn the basics of lateral flow diagnostics and to discuss the latest trends in the technology.

With more than 20 speakers and a range of hands-on practical sessions delivered by industry experts, developers and manufacturers, the 2020 workshop promises to be the biggest and best yet.

So, why should I attend? If you are new to the lateral flow sector, or if you are interested in working with the technology, the workshop is a perfect place to start learning.

Robert Porter, CEO of RAPIvD, said: “For me the workshop is about helping and supporting young scientists who are trying to get into the lateral flow industry, and also helping them understand that while a lateral flow test might look like a simple bit of kit, it’s actually quite complicated to develop.”

Lorena Franco, a PHD student and researcher at the University of Murcia, Spain, attended last year’s workshop to learn the basics.

She said: “The highlight was the information about the basics of the technique and the meetings I had with different companies for lateral flow materials and development.“

I would recommend the workshop for the establishment of relations with other companies and researchers, and to learn about techniques and solutions.”

Christopher Yourth, a research scientist from Canada, also attended last year. “I found the workshop to be very helpful and informative as I was able to relay the information I gained to the work back in my lab,” he said.

Richard Van Hoof, a project leader at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands, added: “If people are new in the field, it’s a good introduction.”

What if I’ve attended before?
Even if you have attended the event before or if you already know the basics of the technology, the Lateral Flow Workshop is the perfect place for networking.

Many of our attendees are well-established in the lateral flow sector, with many years of experience. For them the annual event offers an invaluable opportunity to get together with their peers, to share their expertise and to get up to date on the latest developments.

Brendan O’Farrell is president of US-based DCN Diagnostics, one of the key sponsors of the event.

He said: “There are only a few opportunities each year for the lateral flow community to meet, network and share information. The BioDot Lateral Flow Workshop is one of those key events.“

It provides a great forum for networking, for meeting the key service providers and suppliers in the lateral flow ecosystem and for interacting with industry peers, as well as an opportunity for learning more about the fundamentals and evolution of lateral flow technology.

“DCN has been a sponsor and presenter every year since our foundation 14 years ago and we wouldn’t dream of missing it.”

And of course, the workshop also provides an excellent forum in which to do business. UK-based Bond Digital Health decided to focus its business on lateral flow after attending and exhibiting at the last two events in Spain and the Netherlands.

Dave Taylor, COO of Bond, said: “The connections we have made at the event over the last two years have matured into strategic partnerships that are already generating business. The event is key for our business development and has helped take Bond to the next level.”

What’s new for the 2020 workshop?
This year’s workshop will include a series of new small group sessions that will allow attendees to have more personal and meaningful discussions and interactions with industry experts and sponsors. After capping the number of attendees at 60 last year, the new format means more people can now attend.

After taking on board feedback from previous workshops we are also including more business advice, including sessions on how to raise funding for successful lateral flow development and commercialization.

How can I attend?
The Lateral Flow Workshop 2020 will take place at the Van Der Valk Hotel Amsterdam – Amstel from May 18-20. For more information and to register, visit:

Attend the Lateral Flow Workshop, May 2020 Amsterdam
Attend the Lateral Flow Workshop, May 2020 Amsterdam
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