Ultra™ Picoliter to Nanoliter Piezo Dispenser


Ultra™ technology offers a true non-contact picoliter liquid handling and spotting solution with drop-on-demand capability.

The dispense platform can produce a single dynamic drop volume range of 100 pL to 1.0 nl, with CV’s typically less than 5%. It is compatible with a wide range of reagent types, including aqueous, organic, and cells. The platform can be optimized to work with a high dynamic range of viscosities without additives (up to 400 cP).

Unlike other traditional piezoelectric dispensers, the Ultra’s piezoelectric actuator can be decoupled from the capillary, enabling the use of low cost drop-in replacement capillaries. The Ultra can also be coupled with the BioJet Elite dispensing technology on the same system.

Product Features
  • Single drop dynamic range 100pL to 1.0nL
  • Change volume ranges on the fly
  • Low cost replacement capillary system
  • Dispense a wide range of reagents including aqueous, organic & living cells
  • Dispense a high dynamic range of viscosities without additives (up to 400 cP)
  • Drop size range of 10x for a single Ultra capillary
Product Performance

Minimum Volume: 0.100 nL with CV typically ≤ 5%
Maximum Volume: 1.0 nL CV’s typically ≤ 5%

Dispense onto:
  • Slides
  • Microtiter Plates
  • Biosensor/Microfluidics Devices
  • Membranes
  • Other Substrates
Typical Applications

BioJet Ultra Datasheet (PDF download)

Available on these Motion Platforms