CM5000™ Guillotine Cutter


The CM5000 Guillotine Cutter is a robust and fully automatic system that provides high quality precision cuts. Hardened and coated steel blades improve ejection of cut strips and reduce glue build up.

Cut widths and quantities are easily programmed through a handheld terminal. Programs may be stored for system reference in development or manufacturing environments.

Product Features
  • Cost Efficient
  • Minimal waste
  • Handles a variety of products
Low Maintenance
  • User Friendly
  • Simple operation
  • Safety interlock device
  • Easy blade cleaning
Product Options
  • Leading Edge Sensor
  • Target Sensor
  • Anti-Static
Custom Options
  • Reel Feed
  • Bottle Collection
Typical Applications
Accuracy of Cut Width

±0.1mm at 5.0 mm

Precision of Cut Width

Std. Dev. < 0.05 mm

Cutting Speed

< 240 maximum cuts/min (width dependent)

Cut Width

Minimum: 3 mm


Card width: up to 100 mm


41 x 43 x 23 cm (16 x 17 x 9 in)


24 kg (53 lbs)

Power Requirements

110/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz, 6A


Standard strip width: up to 100 mm