⁠— Motion Platform for Low Volume Printing


The Omnia is a precision motion system designed for printing onto glass slides, microwell plates, microfluidic devices and custom surfaces. The printing technology(s) and nest configuration is customized to meet your specific needs. Up to 4 printing channels offer quantitative, non-contact, dispensing from picoliter to microliter volumes. Dispensing can be done in Step & Repeat, On-the-Fly Single Tip or On-the-Fly Multi Tip (RainMaker only) modes. Humidity control and vision fiducial positioning are standard on the system.

Choose Your Dispenser

Product Features
Overhead Gantry XYZ System
1 - 4 Dispenser Channels (4 Max)
Integrated Wash/Waste/Vacuum Station
Aspirate/Dispense or Bulk Dispense
PC Control Workstation with LINK2020 Software
Vision Lite System for Fiducial Positioning
Humidity Control
Dispense Modes:
Multiple Tip On-the-Fly Arraying (Rainmaker)
Single Tip On-the Fly
Step and Repeat
Nest Choices
MTP: 8 or 6 plates with drop verification camera
Slides: 36 or 27 with drop verification camera
Vacuum/Magnetic nest
User defined nest
Available System Options
Plate Cooling
Plate Heating
HEPA Filter
Custom Deck
System Integration
Omnia Typical Applications
DNA, Cell, Protein Dispensing
Multiplex ELISAs
Biochips, Lab-on-a-Chip
Low Volume PCR
Custom Applications

Dimensions (L x D x H)
98cm x  56cm x 87cm


Power Requirement
110/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Vacuum Requirement
Vacuum Station: 15-20 inHg

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