PolyJet™ Viscous Fluid Dispenser


The PolyJet dispenses oils, adhesives, higher viscosity reagents, reagents with particles and other fluids.

The PolyJet technology pneumatically feeds liquid material to a constant volume cavity, followed by a pneumatic actuation of a diaphragm that ejects a drop through an orifice.

Without heating the orifice, PolyJet can dispense reagents up to 1,000cps. With heating, PolyJet can dispense up to 50,000cps.

Product Features
  • Precision Quantitative Drop Dispensing
  • Easy to use Technology
  • R&D and Manufacturing
  • Non-Contact Dispensing
Product Performance

Drop Volumes: 25 nL – 5 µL as a single drop

Typical applications
  • Oils and adhesives
  • Viscous reagents
  • Reagents with particles
  • Custom applications
Available on these Motion Platforms: