RR120™ Web Handling Platform


The Reel to Reel system is a series of modular components configured to support your web dispensing/coating application. The system is typically used with rollstock material and runs continuously. For continuous dispensing BioDot’s proprietary tandem pump system deliver reagents so that the web does not have to stop moving when the pump refills.

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The Reel to Reel can be configured with BioDot dispensers – Tandem AirJets, Tandem BioJets, Tandem FrontLines, and/or Diptank, and a new product configuration with the BioJet Ultra technology. You choose the type and number of dispensers that meets your application needs. It can also be configured for in-line vision inspection that monitors a line, a break/gap in a line, positions of dispense relative to each other and to the edge of the material, imperfections, and bad part marking.

After dispensing or dipping, convection based dry towers are configured. The Dry towers provide forced, clean air that blows across the web. There are six independent zones on each tower to enable temperature adjustments. The Dry Towers have an IR sensor to enable real time monitoring of material surface temperatures.

The RR120’s automatic tracking on the take up module and the web edge maintain the position of dispensed lines relative to the edge of the material. The system is configured for low tension and includes an ultra-low tension option for low tensile strength materials.

BioDot offers complete installation, training, IQ/OQ services and Preventative Maintenance programs with all of our systems — contact us to learn more.

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Product Features
  • Payout Module
  • Capstan Module
  • Dispensing Module with Auto-Tracking
  • Take-up Module
  • Handheld Terminal Control
  • Chassis


  • Accurate positioning of the dispensed lines and drops on the web material


  • Modular design provides a wide range of process capabilities for reagent application and drying

Product Options

  • Dispenser(s)
    • FrontLine HR (up to 15 Max)*
    • AirJet HR (up to15 Max)*
    • BioJet HR (up to 15 Max)*
    • Tandem FrontLine HR (up to 7 Max)
    • Tandem AirJet HR (up to 7 Max)
    • Tandem BioJet HR (up to 7 Max)

*Non-Tandem dispensers require the use of a 12 mL syringe

  • Dip Tank Module with Fluid Level Sensor and Peristaltic Pump
  • DTW1000 Dry Tower Module with IR sensing
  • Vision Inspection/Bad Part Marking
  • Dispense Area Enclosure
  • Take-up Enclosure
Typical Applications