RR120™ Web Handling System

The RR120 is a moderate to high volume production system designed to continuously print lines, coat/impregnate, inspect and dry rolls of materials. Each process is designed as an optional, separate module allowing users the flexibility to adapt the system to a specific application, multiple applications and throughput requirements. Customization is also available.

  • 1 - 7 Dispensing Channels (Tandem Pumps)
  • BioJet, FrontLine and AirJet Dispensing Technologies
  • Print up to 7 Lines Simultaneously
  • Automated Dispense Tracking for Precision Line Placement
  • Perform Multiple Applications on One System
  • Adjustable Tension for Handling Backed/Unbacked Membranes
  • Easy to Set up, Operate and Maintain
  • Data Storage to Support Multiple Applications
  • Many System Options Can be Upgraded after Purchase
  • Choice of Dispensing Technologies
  • Dip Tank with Fluid Level Sensor and Pump
  • Release Liner Take Up and Payout Reels
  • Drying Tower(s) with Temperature Sensing in 6 Zones
  • Vision Inspection of Dispensed Lines with Bad Part Marking
  • Environmental Enclosure for the Dispense Module and Take Up Reel
  • Humidity Control for the Take Up Enclosure
  • Ultra Low Tension for Low Tensile/Fragile Materials
  • Custom Modules and Features

Dip Tank

Coat/Saturate Materials

This option offers full saturation of a material by running materials through a dip tank. An integrated fluid level sensor monitors volume and refills the tank using a peristaltic pump.

Dip Tank
Vision QC

Vision QC

Improve Quality Control and Increase Throughput

This option performs 100% in-process inspection of printed lines on membranes. Monitor presence, width, and position and ink mark out-of-range parts.

Dry Tower

Maximize Drying Efficiency

Optimize drying by setting 6 temperature control zones along the web path.  Multiple dry towers can be placed in line to increase speed and throughput.

Dry Tower

Dry Tower