Discrete Droplet Dispensing™, ONLY cooler!​ Unleash the power of our discrete droplet dispensing to enable superior performance. ​Better Yield. Higher Throughput. Expanded Dynamic Range. BioDot’s platform design expertise applied to the Lyobead formation challenge in an established product.

  • Volumes: 2μL- 30μL as a single drop
  • Volume precision of <3% CV
  • High speed, non-contact dispensing
  • Bulk Dispense Scalable from R&D to production environments
  • Printing with Step-and-Repeat and On-the-Fly mode
  • Minimization of cold-chain logistics and costs
  • Lyobeads are thermally stable with a long shelf life
  • Lyobeads have lower risk of contamination
  • Lyobeads have single unit reconstitution
  • Enzymes​​
  • Buffers​​
  • Chromophores​​
  • Probiotics​​
  • Vaccines​​
  • Calibrators​​
  • PCR assays​​
  • Antibodies​​
  • Diagnostic reagents​​
  • Magnetic/Fluorescent Particles

Pneumatic BioJetTM
High-speed micro solenoid valve coupled with a high-resolution adaptive pneumatic pump.

Volumes: 2 µL- 30 µL as a single drop
Volume Precision:  <3% CV

  • High Speed, Non-Contact Dispensing
  • Bulk Dispense Only
  • Scalable from R&D to Production Environments
  • Printing with “Step-and-Repeat” and “On-the-Fly” modes

Lyobead production throughput estimates*

  • Single tip = ~7K-10 Beads/Hr
  • Four tips = ~28K-40K Beads/Hr

Dispensing Tips
Multiple tip geometries and orifice sizes allow for drop volume and morphology optimization in order to form ideal lyobead spheres.

Stainless Steel Tips

  • 508 μm
  • 762 μm
  • 1016 μm


  • 762 μm
  • 1016 μm