LM9000™ Auto Lamination System

The LM9000 Auotmated Laminating System provides continuous lamination of materials onto a plastic support backing lined with adhesive. The system is modular in design, accommodating various numbers and types of materials, membranes, pads and cover tapes, as well as processing steps. This modularity also allows for a single system to be configured for multiple products and their specific requirements.

  • Precision Continuous Lamination of Web Materials
  • Flexible Design for Multiple Processes or Products
  • Membrane Payout Module w/Micrometer Controlled Auto Tracking
  • Quick Release and Adjustable Guide Rollers
  • Ability to Add Modules in the Future
  • Moderate and High Volume Production Throughput
  • Data Storage to Support Multiple Setups
  • Easy to Set up, Operate and Maintain
  • Chassis Mounted
  • Material Payout Modules
  • Cover Layer Payout Modules
  • Cutting Module
  • Inspection Modules
  • Laminated Material Take-up Reel Modules
  • Magazine Collection of Cut Material Module
  • Environmental Enclosures
  • Custom Modules and Configurations
  • Service and Support Packages

Large Core Take up

Large core design is used to minimize bending after lamination. Ask about cores that can be transferred directly to automated assembly systems.

Large Core Take up