ZX1010™ Dispense System

The ZX1010™ prints lines and/or dots onto membranes and other surfaces for the development and manufacturing of diagnostic tests. This highly flexible, semi-manual system accommodates up to 8 independent dispensing channels to meet your application needs. Choose the number and type of dispenser(s) as well as the nest configuration to optimize your workflow.

  • 1-8 dispensing channels
  • μAirJet, AirJet, BioJet, FrontLine, and PolyDrop technologies (only 4 AirJets)
  • Program line length and volume
  • Manual positioning in the Y-Axis
  • Micrometer adjusted, pneumatic Z-Axis (height)
  • Dispense area of 495 x 85 mm
  • Independent volume control for each channel
  • Quantitative, simultaneous dispensing
  • Dot and Line dispensing
  • Vacuum/Magnetic Nest
  • R&D to moderate production throughput
  • Menu driven operating software
  • Data storage for multiple programs
  • Easy to use, operate and maintain
  • Compact footprint