ZXLITE™ Dispense System

The ZXLITE™ dispensing system offers efficiency, reproducibility and affordability to the lateral flow manufacturer. This semi-manual system offers test/control line printing with the FrontLine dispensing technology as well as conjugate and blocking dispensing with the μAirJet aerosol dispensing technology. Laminated cards and membranes as well as unlaminated materials are held in place on the vacuum/magnetic nest.

  • 1 - 4 Dispensing Channels
  • μAirJet & FrontLine Dispensing Technologies
  • Program Line Length and Volume
  • Manual Positioning in the Y-Axis
  • Micrometer Adjusted, Pneumatic Z-Axis (height)
  • Dispense area of 495 x 85 mm
  • Independent Volume Control for Each Channel
  • Quantitative, Simultaneous Dispensing
  • Vacuum/Magnetic Nest
  • R&D to Moderate Production Throughput
  • Menu Driven Operating Software
  • Data Storage for Multiple Programs
  • Easy Set Up, Operation and Maintenance
  • Compact Footprint

Not for sale in the USA, EU, UK