BioJet™ Non-Contact Nanoliter to Microliter Solenoid Dispenser – AD


BioJet technology dispenses quantitatively “On-the-Fly” and in a “Step-and-Repeat” mode.

The high-speed micro solenoid valve coupled with a high-resolution syringe pump, and synchronized with the stage produces high speed, non-contact, quantitative dispensing.

Product Features
  • Aspirate/Dispense and Bulk Dispense modes
  • Precision Low Volume Drop Dispensing
  • Scaleable from R&D to Production Environments
  • Printing with “Step-and-Repeat” and “On-the-Fly” modes
Product Performance

Dispense Volumes: 1.3 nL- 1 µL as a single drop, or > 5 nL with “On-the-Fly” mode

Typical applications

DNA, Cell, Protein Dispensing
Multiplex ELISAs
Biochips, Lab-on-a-Chip
Low Volume PCR
Custom applications

Available on these Motion Platforms

AD1520 Series
AD3220 Series
AD3420 Series
AD6020 Series