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BioDot has Developed and Launched the BioJet Elite™ Dispensing Technology

BioDot Inc, an Irvine, California company has developed and launched its Biojet Elite™ dispensing technology.  The technology is based on coupling a high resolution syringe pump to a microsolenoid valve, and XYZ motion.  This proprietary technology enables quantitative drop dispensing “on the fly”.  Furthermore, this enhanced technology provides a dynamic dispense range from 1.3 nL to 2 uL as a single drop.  Given this dispense range, applications that require less reagent to reduce assay costs are synergistic for the BioJet Elite dispensing.  In addition to the consistent low volume dispensing, the BioJet Elite technology utilizes Ethernet communication protocols for highly reliable and faster processing than its predecessor.

This enhanced technology allows for a rapid and much more robust process. BioJet dispensing has been used in research, and commercialized products with applications ranging from DNA or Oligonucleotide arrays, low volume PCR assays, Allergy testing, Glucose sensors, Autoimmune Assays, Biosensors/Microfluidics, and other types of IVD devices.

Dr. Thomas Tisone, President of BioDot and also the inventor behind the BioJet technology states, "BioJet technology was a breakthrough in the diagnostic community 15 years ago by producing quantitative, fast, non-contact drops. At that time, many devices like the pregnancy test did not have the need for quantitation, as they were binary-type assays.  With diagnostic devices expanding into many more markets, such as home health care, remote medical testing, Homeland Security, or water testing, quantitation is critical as well as consistent, low coefficient of variation (CV’s) performance. By reducing the reagent volume, manufacturers have the opportunity to reduce cost, without sacrificing their capacity or throughput.  We are very excited with the BioJet Elite technology and having it available for a wide variation of applications.”

About BioDot, Inc.

BioDot is the leading supplier of system tools for the research, development and commercialization of diagnostic tests.  Our mission is to enable, inspire and educate scientists to commercialize their R&D ideas through to manufactured product.  Using its core competencies in low volume non-contact dispensing, cutting/slitting, lamination, and strip assembly, BioDot has developed a range of equipment for the research and development, and manufacture of rapid tests.

Contact Information:

BioDot, Inc.
Irvine, CA 92606

BioDot has Developed and Launched the BioJet Elite™ Dispensing Technology
BioDot has Developed and Launched the BioJet Elite™ Dispensing Technology
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