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October 1, 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter serves as a formal notification that BioDot Inc. has initiated an End of Life policy (EOL) that will be applied to all products shipped by BioDot. BioDot has also concurrently initiated an End of Service (EOS) policy. BioDot’s definitions of these policies and the key milestones associated with them are outlined below. The objective of this formal notice is to allow BioDot customers ample time to appropriately plan and coordinate service and/or determine the appropriate replacement strategy for their product.

BioDot’s End of Life (EOL) policy is designed to ensure that our valued customers will have the most current and up to date BioDot product to maintain and grow their business. BioDot’s EOL policy is established on the assertion that BioDot products have an estimated useful product life of 7 years from time of production. BioDot reserves the right to terminate marketing, sales and the refurbishing of products after the designated 7 year life span.

BioDot’s End of Service (EOS) policy is designed to ensure that a BioDot product is supported beyond its EOL for a designated period of time. BioDot will provide service for products for a period of 10 years from the date of production (3 years after EOL). Products will reach an end of service at 10 years of age. BioDot service engineers will assist customers with understanding service options. BioDot reserves the right to terminate service, including: preventative maintenance, operational qualification, and sustainability service. Spare parts may be available. Spare part availability is at the sole discretion of BioDot Inc. Spare parts that are available and compatible with existing BioDot products at EOS may be sold to support existing products but the customer will be responsible for part installation and usage. These spare parts will not be covered under BioDot’s warranty program.

The costs associated with service, preventative maintenance, operational qualification, and general support will increase after the 7 year EOL date until the EOS date is reached. These additional costs are a natural consequence of part availability and assessment time required by BioDot personnel.

The BioDot EOL and EOS policies will be applied to all products shipped by BioDot Inc. and its global entities. These policies are effective as of October 1st, 2022. The EOL and EOS policies are retroactively applied to all BioDot product lines. BioDot’s sales and service team

members are available to assist with the understanding of these policies and can assist with the explanation of additional structure for sales incentives and service policies.

Sales team employees are approved to grant customers with products 7 years and older purchase incentives. Please contact your sales representative for more information regarding options available to you.

For more information on BioDot’s End of Life policy or End of Service policy, please contact your BioDot sales or service representative.


Debbie Bowers
General Manager, BioDot Inc.
Phone: +1-949-558-7846

Sphera Press Release
Sphera Press Release
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