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Omnia Press Release

November 11, 2022

Dear Valued Customer,


Omnia™. For when drop size matters!

Discrete Picoliter, Nanoliter, and Microliter drops with unmatched speed and precision by combining our proprietary Rainmaker™ and BioJet™ dispensing technologies on one platform.


Irvine, CA. November 15th, 2022: Irvine, California headquartered BioDot, Inc., has taken on the task of revamping Rainmaker to offer a more efficient, multiplexed platform, Omnia™.

BioDot Inc has used its proprietary, non-contact, and quantitative fluid dispensing technologies Rainmaker™ and BioJet™ to create the “Omnia”.  With these two powerful dispensing technologies, the Omnia is capable of Picoliter, Nanoliter and Microliter Dispensing on a single platform. The platform includes Intuitive Software, both Horizontal and Vertical Cameras, a Configurable Worktable, an Ultrasonic Wash Station, and is Scalable with Field Upgradeable Dispensing Channels​. Our dispensing solutions have propelled BioDot to the leadership position in manufacturing equipment across markets ranging including complex biosensors, microtiter plates and lateral flow devices. Omnia will allow us now to support additional applications with Microfluidics, Drug Delivery, Microarrays/Plate Arrays, Micro ELISA, Low Volume PCR, Mass Spectrometry, 3D Cell Printing, Synthetic Biology, Cell Dispensing, Direct Titration/IC50 Curve and Drug Discovery.

About Omnia:

Omnia is a BioDot R&D Platform that combines Rainmaker and BioJet dispensing in one, which is unique. It increases the dynamic range on a single drop basis, that enable our customer to dispense anywhere from 25 picoliter up to 300 picolitre per drop. In addition to the ability to perform “on the fly dispensing” and being able to dispense multiple volumes, the Omnia offers many more benefits to support our customer’s individual fluidic challenges.


About BioDot, Inc. 

Founded in 1994, BioDot manufactures precision quantitative fluid dispensing systems. Today with more than 5500 instrument installed globally, BioDot is one of the largest suppliers of equipment in the diagnostic test market. Specializing in low volume dispensing, BioDot’s wide range of platforms serves customers from R&D through high volume manufacturing in the industrial, diagnostic, life science and medical product markets. A portfolio of proprietary dispensing technologies provides precision, non-contact dispensing from picoliter to microliter volumes. Today BioDot holds over 27 global patents in low volume dispensing and novel applications that rely on its proprietary dispensing technology. BioDot is a worldwide company with international offices in China and the United Kingdom. BioDot long-lasting relationships with customers is built on precision products and quality service around the world. 



BioDot, Inc. 

2852 Alton Parkway 

Irvine, CA 92606, USA 

Phone: +1949 441 4178 

Omnia Press Release
Omnia Press Release
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