BioDot and Symbolics Announce Alliance to Deliver Technologies for Multiplexed Point-of-Care Tests

Press Release: BioDot and Symbolics

BIODOT INC. and SYMBOLICS LLC announce strategic alliance to deliver technologies for development of multiplexed Point-of-Care tests

Irvine and Carlsbad, CA, USA; February 2016 – BioDot, Inc. announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance with Symbolics LLC. The goal of the alliance is to facilitate the development and commercialization of array-based multiplexed lateral flow assays for a wide variety of market segments. BioDot is one of the world leaders in nanoliter and picoliter dispensing equipment, and their technology directly facilitates the development of spot-based microarrays in lateral flow assays, which is the basis of the Symbolics patent portfolio. Based on the agreement between the companies, BioDot will provide customers of certain dispensing platforms a development license for the Symbolics™ lateral flow arraying technology. Symbolics LLC will make commercialization licenses available to those clients who move forward into the commercialization phase. The companies believe that this arrangement eases the path for assay producers to develop and commercialize multiplexed Point-of-Care rapid diagnostic platforms based on the Symbolics IP.

The companies anticipate that multiplexing will play an increasing role in Point-of-Care diagnostic applications in a variety of market segments including medical diagnostics, biowarfare, agriculture, veterinary testing, self-care and wellness testing. The Symbolics™ reagent pixelation technology, suitable for multiplexed rapid tests, will drive down reagent costs while increasing the information content of a rapid diagnostic test.“With this strategic alliance BioDot and Symbolics are making strides to enable the quick development and manufacturing of the next generation of rapid and multiplexed Point-of-Care tests,” said Tom Tisone, Chief Executive Officer at BioDot. “Lateral Flow Tests exist in many different forms and in many different systems today. Together with Symbolics LLC we are creating an open and fully scalable Point-of-Care platform to benefit everyone that cares about generating more data, for less money and in less time from a single test sample."

“We have entered a new transformative era for diagnostics, and joining our technologies will enable the industry for multiplexed testing in a profound new way.  The platform will speed up test development and and enable the next generation of rapid diagnostic tests.  Together with Symbolics LLC we are creating an open and fully scalable Point-of-Care platform to benefit everyone that cares about one of the most important issues of our time: generating more data, for less money and in less time from a single test sample.”


Symbolics LLC is the developer of the SymbolicsTM pixilation technology, a patented technology approach enabling arraying in lateral flow formats for the purposes of increasing diagnostic power in point of care devices. Symbolics is based in Irvine, California, USA.

About BioDot, Inc.

BioDot, Inc. provides systems and services that include both quantitative contact and noncontact dispensing of biological and chemical reagents for point-of-care diagnostics, life sciences, molecular diagnostics and industrial markets.  The dispensing technology ranges from picoliter to nanoliter to microliter volumes based on the use of proprietary piezoelectric and solenoid dispensing technology.  BioDot also provides complimentary products for cutting, lamination and assembly of products. BioDot has been a market leader in supplying its products to the lateral flow markets since its inception in 1994 where it has provided quantitative nanoliter dispensing technology and related processes for the development and manufacturing of lateral flow products. BioDot is located in Irvine, CA and has offices in Chichester, UK and Shanghai, China.

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