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BioJet Ultra™ Dispensing Technology with the Link2020™ Control Center

BioDot has Developed and Launched the BioJet Ultra™ Dispensing Technology with the Link2020™ Control Center

BioDot Inc., an Irvine, California company has developed and launched its BioJet Ultra™ piezo technology, enabling quantitative, non-contact, dispensing with the Link2020™ control center.

BioJet Ultra™ differs from traditional piezo dispensing in that the piezo is physically separated from the capillary. With its design, the patented technology supports a wide dynamic dispense volume range from 100 pL to 1.0 nL as a single drop, or multidrops up to 1 uL, with CV’s less than 5%.

The Link2020™ control center provides a graphical user interface, but more importantly, connects the inspection camera to the dispense area, providing perfect vision.  Recognizing that individual devices are not all created equal. Link2020 has features such as fiducial finding, drop verification, and dispense volume calculators with real time CV’s displayed as part of the standard configuration.

Combining the robustness of BioJet Ultra’s™ dispensing and Link2020 software, spot volume can be changed “On the Fly“, as well as creating patterns, or dispensing reagents directly on top of each other.  Applications that dispense aqueous or organic solutions, living cells, and/or high viscosity reagents are all suitable for BioJet Ultra™.

Depending on the application, the technology can be configured on BioDot’s platforms for "Batch" or "In-Line“ processing. Results can be analyzed with standard technology and give immediate results for optimal reaction parameters.

About BioDot, Inc.

BioDot is the leading supplier of system tools for the research, development and commercialization of diagnostic tests.  Our mission is to enable, inspire and educate scientists to commercialize their R&D ideas through to manufactured product.  Using its core competencies in low volume non-contact dispensing, cutting/slitting, lamination, and strip assembly, BioDot has developed a range of equipment for the research and development, and manufacture of rapid tests.

Contact Information:

BioDot, Inc.
Barbara McIntosh, VP Global Sales
Irvine, CA 92606
Tel. +1 (949) 342-6336

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