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DirectSens GmbH, has selected BioDot’s AD3420 BioJet Elite dispensing system to develop and manufacture their 3rd generation biosensors

DirectSens GmbH, has selected BioDot’s AD3420 BioJet Elite dispensing system to develop and manufacture their 3rd generation biosensors.

Vienna, Austria and Irvine, CaliforniaOctober 25, 2017

DirectSens, a company dedicated to 3rd generation biosensors, announces today that it will utilize BioDot’s patented BioJet Elite low volume liquid dispensing technology to develop and produce their biosensors. Due to its flexibility the AD3420 Biojet Elite dispensing system it is the best choice for a start-up company. It can be used in research and development as well as for large scale sensor production runs.

“The BioDot AD3420 allows us not only to dramatically scale up our production capacities. It will also be a very powerful tool for the development of new sensor technologies” states Christoph Sygmund, co-founder and CEO of DirectSens.

As biosensor developers are increasingly focusing on technological advancements and new product developments, miniaturization continues to be a leading trend.  Today’s biosensors require small volumes of reagents to be dispensed with very high precision. BioDot’s equipment offering uniquely satisfies these requirements with systems that provide the flexibility needed in research and development as well as the robustness and speed required for production.

“We are very pleased to be working with DirectSens. BioDot has had a long history of collaboration with leading companies in the Diagnostics market. DirectSens fits the profile of the ideal collaborator and we are excited about the possibilities going forward” said Tony Lemmo, President and COO of BioDot Inc.

About DirectSens
DirectSens is a company dedicated to the development of 3rd generation biosensors. Founded to convert scientific results in innovative solutions for the detection of sugars, it has now successfully introduced the first product to the market. Over the last few years DirectSens has developed a technology platform that can be used for the detection of various carbohydrates. The flexibility of the technology along with the simple architecture enables DirectSens to target several markets where innovation in sensor technology is requested. DirectSens was founded by a team of skilled scientists and has been completed by experienced product developers and dedicated executives. An international advisory board constantly challenges the team and reviews the progress.

About BioDot
Founded in 1994, BioDot manufactures precision quantitative fluid dispensing systems. Today with nearly 5000 units in the field BioDot is one of the largest suppliers of equipment in the diagnostic test market. Specializing in low volume dispensing, BioDot’s wide range of platforms serves customers from R&D through high volume manufacturing in the industrial, diagnostic, life science and medical product markets. A portfolio of proprietary dispensing technologies provides precision, non-contact dispensing from picoliter to microliter volumes. Today BioDot holds over 26 global patents in the area of low volume dispensing and novel applications that rely on its proprietary dispensing technology. BioDot is worldwide company with international offices in China and the United Kingdom. BioDot’s long-lasting relationships with customers is built on precision products and quality service around the world.

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