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How Laboratories can Benefit from BioServe Programs from BioDot

BioDot uses its expertise and core competencies in low volume contact and non-contact dispensing, laminating and cutting to develop an exhaustive range of products for the diagnostic market. These diagnostic products assist in research, development and manufacture of diagnostic tests. Some of the diagnostic products on offer from BioDot include biochips, qPCR, immunoblots, and biosensors, among other diagnostic instruments. Laboratories that make use of BioDot products are offered complete service support programs.

Service Programs

BioDot has an integrated team of experienced individuals who are committed to providing customers with high-performance systems, efficient installation and superior technical support. Service is a critical element for BioDot, as it simplifies operations in both the research and manufacturing environment.

At the basic level, the BioServe program offers preventative maintenance for a single instrument, a complete laboratory, or an entire facility. In addition to the annual preventative maintenance, BioDot offers on-going support and training through “hands on” workshop programs.In accordance with the regulatory guidelines, BioDot has implemented Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification procedures. BioDot’s Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) services ensure successful and secure installation of diagnostic instruments and software, while checking the consistency and normality of functions for your diagnostic products.

The BioServe Total Program for Diagnostic Products

Diagnostic instruments require systematic check ups and maintenance. BioDot Total provides full service support for your system by combining Extended Warranty with pre-scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM). Simple budgeting and order processing, in addition to scheduled PM calls, are the main features of BioServe Total Program. When you choose the BioServe Total program, you get:

  • The Bioserve Total Service Plan covers all service part replacements, depot repair labor, and one onsite PM service of your BioDot machine for a period of one year.
  • One annual preventative maintenance visit at a mutually agreed upon date and time arranged between the commencement date and the expiration date of the service plan.
  • During PM, BioDot systems covered by the plan are fully cleaned, serviced and re-calibrated, where necessary. Parts contained in the machine’s PM kit are replaced. Worn or faulty parts found during the inspection are also replaced at no additional charge.
  • At the conclusion of the PM, a certificate stating that the PM has been completed by a BioDot service representative will be provided.
  • The program also offers software upgrades and any additional training, as required.
  • Under this program, on-site services can be provided and addressed on an individual basis.

The best way to ensure that you get value for money from your diagnostic instruments and products is to hire experienced professionals to take care of them. Value for money is exactly what you receive when you opt for BioDot’s BioServe Programs.

How Laboratories can Benefit from BioServe Programs from BioDot
How Laboratories can Benefit from BioServe Programs from BioDot
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