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PermeaDerm and BioDot collaborate on Temporary Skin Substitute with ANTI-SCAR capabilities.

Google Press Release (Newswire) – December 29, 2015

“Can scars be reduced or eliminated?”

University of Rochester (Dr. Phipps), PermeaDerm, Inc. (Dr. Woodroof) and BioDot Inc. (Dr. Lemmo) are collaborating to make a Temporary Skin Substitute with ANTI-SCAR capabilities. Technology involves rapid, precise location using the BioDot patented Air-Jet HRTM non-contact aerosol to position the ‘ANTI-SCAR’ molecule in various amounts and location in the 3D structure of PermeaDerm®, a “state-of-the-art” sophisticated (“Smart”) wound dressing possessing all properties and attributes of a temporary skin substitute. Immediate benefits to patient and medical staff are: pain reduction, minimal dressing changes, minimize fluid accumulation, etc., etc. but most importantly cost effective wound management. Patients with acute (burns) or chronic wounds (ulcers, bed-sores) will benefit from the ‘ANTI-SCAR’ wound management technology being developed.

PermeaDerm®, the Carlsbad based company advancing the art of wound care by providing the world’s first “Variable Porosity” Temporary Skin Substitute for burns, chronic wounds and hernias, is pleased to announce an update to its intellectual property portfolio:

(1) The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued PermeaDerm a new skin substitute patent for its VARIABLE POROSITY TECHNOLOGY that substantially reduces the cost of wound management by minimizing painful dressing changes and fluid accumulation beneath the skin substitute thereby minimizing infection complications and minimizing patient discomfort. (US Patent 9,017,405).

(2) The Patent and Trademark Office has also issued a notice of allowance for PermeaDerm’s ANTI-SCAR TECHNOLOGY for its skin substitute containing the ANTI-SCAR compound Salinomycin in collaboration with the University of Rochester (Appl. No. 14/696433).

These patents pave the way for PermeaDerm® (K153678 – under FDA review) skin substitute products to reduce both pain and scarring for burn and chronic wound patients at a substantial cost savings. These products include first generation skin substitutes for application in the following global markets: $240M burns; $4.3B chronic wounds; $20B aesthetic and $20B OTC dressings.

Should you be interested in learning about the proprietary aspects of PermeaDerm® products contact Dr. Woodroof at (

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