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BioDot and Applied Spectral Imaging Cooperate to Deliver Automated Genetic Analysis Solution

Enabling end-to-end, automated workflow for FISH and Karyotyping, from slide production to sample analysis and result reporting

June 4, 2013

Applied Spectral Imaging Inc. (ASI) and BioDot Inc. have entered into an agreement in which both companies will engage in combined sales and marketing of an integration product that will directly link the GenASIs imaging and analysis instrument by ASI and the CellWriter™ automated dispensing system for FISH and Karyotyping by BioDot. The combined solution enables an end-to-end, automated workflow for FISH and Karyotyping, from slide production to sample analysis and result reporting.

“Personalized medicine challenges laboratories to continuously expand their genetic analysis throughput rapidly and cost effectively. The ASI and BioDot platforms provide an end-to-end environment for managing samples from slide preparation to the generation of the analysis report.” said Limor Shiposh, CEO of Applied Spectral Imaging Inc. “Our combined offering for automated genetic analysis leverages the imaging and analysis accuracy, speed and quality results of ASI’s GenASIs platform with the flexibility, efficiency and simplicity of BioDot’s CellWriter™ automated dispensing system for FISH and Karyotyping” added Mrs. Shiposh.

“We are excited to work with ASI on a combined automated workflow solution for FISH and Karyotyping. The cytogenetics workflow is highly complex and by integrating automated slide processing with automated microscopy, we can now deliver a data management product that greatly simplifies the scientist’s workday. BioDot’s CellWriter™ is able to automate cell dropping to deliver quality spread interphase and metaphase nuclei for analysis, bridging the automation gap between harvesting and automated microscopy, and bringing high throughput processing to this market." said Tom Tisone, CEO of BioDot Inc.

ASI and BioDot have confirmed the combined solution’s effectiveness in performing automated FISH and karyotyping. As a part of the new product offering, the two companies will offer a set of software connectors enabling bidirectional and seamless data integration between the two solutions.

About Applied Spectral Imaging

Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) makes patient care better through advanced biomedical imaging. GenASIs by ASI is FDA cleared for FISH clinical applications such as ALK, UroVysion, HER2/neu, CEP XY and Karyotyping. ASI complies with major regulatory requirements and international quality standards.

ASI has been one of the industry's leading microscopy imaging solution providers since 1993, with over 30 registered patents in the US, Europe and Japan and over 2,500 systems deployed worldwide. With worldwide offices in the US, Europe and Asia, ASI has built a global network of over 50 distributors.

About BioDot

BioDot is the leading supplier of system tools for the research, development, and commercialization of diagnostic tests. Our mission is to enable, inspire and educate scientists to commercialize their R&D ideas through to manufactured product. Using our core competencies in low volume non-contact dispensing, BioDot has developed the FISHArray™ technology and CellWriter™ workstation to streamline the cytogenetics workflow and deliver high throughput automation.

With a commitment to fully understanding our customer requirements, BioDot’s personnel have a genuine wish to help you develop your research ideas. Our sales teams are highly trained in providing expert advice in both process and material handling needs. They are backed by a strong support team of application scientists and service engineers.

For More Information Contact:

Applied Spectral Imaging Inc.
Yaron Front, Director Marketing and Business Development
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Tel: +1 (760) 929-2840
Fax: +1 (760) 929-2842

BioDot, Inc.
Brian Kirk, Product Manager – Molecular Diagnostics
Irvine, CA 92606
Tel: +1 (949) 440-3685
Fax: +1 (949) 440-3694

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